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30 Ways to Celebrate Life

Just because you deserve to love yourself doesn’t mean that you always want to.

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Social Media Can Save Lives

For people who are constantly bullied at school, there are uplifting and inspirational online messages to reinforce self-esteem and self-love.

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Why National Suicide Prevention Week Matters

It has been almost five years since I attempted suicide and a lot has changed in that time. Being in such a deep and dark place in the past has made it possible for me to really relate to what others may be going through.

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10 Life Hacks to Make Your Day Brighter

Start off fresh this fall by making ten small, but easy tweaks to make your days so much better from sunrise to sunset.

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Now Accepting Applications for the Next You Matter Blogger Council

If you’re between 13-24 and are passionate about about suicide prevention and mental health, we’d love for you to apply.

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What Being “Good” Means to Me

I’ve learned that you can’t change the world without sacrifice, whether you are trying to be to yourself or someone else.

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Real Talk About Money, Fame and Happiness

The death of Robin Williams really got me thinking about the things that do (or don’t) get us through life.

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What to Expect When a Friend Dies

This summer not only have I experienced loss, but my friends have as well, and I have not been able to be there to help support them in their grieving.

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Honor Robin By Talking About His Illness

Robin Williams was able to make me laugh before I even knew who he was. We can’t bring him back, but we can talk about the illness that made him take his life.

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10 Songs That Always Cheer Me Up

It was tough to narrow down a list of songs that made me really happy to ten. Hopefully one of these songs will help to make your day just a little bit better.

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