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Boys Don’t Cry…Right?

Growing up as a male, I was told that I had to be strong. I was fed the stereotype that boys, like me, couldn’t cry or show our emotions. Keeping those emotions bottled up can be harmful and dangerous. Here are some ways to help the boys and men in your life express themselves and challenge gender stereotypes.

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How to Handle the Holidays After a Loss

The holidays are here and we are surrounded by joyful images of family. Yet, for many of us this time of year can be a painful reminder of loved we have lost. There are no easy steps to cope during this season, but here are a few things that will help.

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Mental Illness Does NOT Define You

When I became depressed, I thought that was my new identity. I was a depressed person. Now I see that I am a complex person who also happens to be depressed. My mental illness is a part of me but it does not define me.

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How To Be There For Your Friends With Mental Illness… When You Have One Yourself

We all want to help our friends who are struggling with mental illness, but this can be tough especially if you are dealing with your own mental health issues. Too often people think that their experiences mental illness are the same as yours, and that just is not true. Everyone is different and everyone struggles differently. Here are some tips to help you be there for your friends and take care of yourself.

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8 Quick Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Everyone has those days when they look at themselves in the mirror and think, “I’m not good enough” and we ALL know they suck. Check out these quick tips to boost your self-esteem.

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A Day To Heal Together – International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, 11/22

For many loss survivors, like me, the yearly International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is important. Two years ago I watched the Survivors Day webcast alone in my living room and began to understand that I was anything but alone.

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After Every Storm Comes a Rainbow: How Jesse Conquered His Bullies and Self-Doubt

My story? I’m happy to say that I am still living it. But, here is the preface.

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Mental Illness is My Crucible

The strongest metal is forged from the hottest fire. I see the fire as a symbol for a crucible, or any type of trial in your life. Having the will to survive your crucible will make you into the strongest metal. My crucible was my depression.

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The Real Reason I Got a Tattoo

Some people paint to express themselves. Others draw or write, and some get tattoos.

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Power Up Your Willpower

Would you rather receive one dollar now or wait a week to receive two dollars? Do you have the self-control to delay gratification? Here are some tips to overcome temptation and put the power your willpower.

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