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How to Love Yourself Even in the Midst of Depression

After my suicide attempt and years of struggling with depression, I’ve found some pretty reliable ways to give myself a strong dose of self-love during my darkest moments.

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Overcome ADHD and Kick Butt in Class

Teachers and other educators may hold you to a standard that you don’t feel comfortable with— which can make your life more stressful. That’s why it is important to know what resources are available to you.

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Real Talk About Male Privilege and Body Image

In my mind the current subconscious expectation for women is to be a side character in a male’s story, a supporting role.

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Mental Illness Doesn’t Define Me

I felt that mental illness was a blemish on my image, the equivalent of getting an F in school.

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After an Attempt: How to Find a Recovery Community Where You Belong

It is difficult to even put into words the affect that a supportive, compassionate community can have on esteem, identity, and recovery. These tips may help you find yours.

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How Yoga Helped Me Clear My Mind and Gain My Strength

After struggling with an eating disorder for years, I needed a gentle exercise that helped me strengthen my muscles and my mind.

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Setbacks vs. Comebacks

Just a few days ago I headed to swim camp. I came sick and stressed from the past week. But going… read more

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Coming Out: Because There’s Not One “Right” Way, Just What’s Right for You

Growing up, I never thought I was gay. As a child, surrounded by the stories of Disney princesses and The… read more

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Welcome the New You Matter Bloggers!

When we put out a call for summer YM Bloggers, FIFTY (yep, 5-0) of you wanted to volunteer. Picking these… read more

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Anxiety, I’m Leaving You Behind

While I’ve always been an “anxious” person, I never considered myself someone with anxiety until this past year. I was… read more

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