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Honor Robin By Talking About His Illness

Robin Williams was able to make me laugh before I even knew who he was. We can’t bring him back, but we can talk about the illness that made him take his life.

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10 Songs That Always Cheer Me Up

It was tough to narrow down a list of songs that made me really happy to ten. Hopefully one of these songs will help to make your day just a little bit better.

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The Surprising Reason My Day Trip Became an Adventure

I had spent time enough relying on the company of others. It was time to step out of my comfort zone.

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How Texting a Friend Saved My Life

If it wasn’t for Brendan I probably would still be in the closet or worse, in a coffin.

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5 Steps to Finding the Right Therapist for You

Just like making friends or dating, finding the right person can talk some time and effort. Here are a couple of tips to make it easier.

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What Stigma Means to Me

I had a general idea of what it meant, but it wasn’t until I had firsthand experience with mental illness that I fully grasped the meaning of stigma.

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Recovering From Addiction: Why Strength Can Actually Mean NOT Doing This Alone

Read Maya’s story about attending her first NA meeting and her journey of recovery.

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How to Love Yourself Even in the Midst of Depression

After my suicide attempt and years of struggling with depression, I’ve found some pretty reliable ways to give myself a strong dose of self-love during my darkest moments.

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Overcome ADHD and Kick Butt in Class

Teachers and other educators may hold you to a standard that you don’t feel comfortable with— which can make your life more stressful. That’s why it is important to know what resources are available to you.

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Real Talk About Male Privilege and Body Image

In my mind the current subconscious expectation for women is to be a side character in a male’s story, a supporting role.

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