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Feeling Broken ≠ Broken

My depression caused the lens through which I saw everything to crack and break . This broken lens fractured how I felt about the world and how I felt about myself. I thought I was broken and defective. But, just because you are looking through a broken lens does not mean that you are broken.

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What to Expect When Telling Someone About Your Depression

Depression is a tough subject to talk about. No conversation about it is going to be an easy or comfortable one. Here are four things I’ve observed when trying to talk with someone about my depression and some tips on handling the conversation

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You Never Have to Go at it Alone-The Day That Changed My Life

All we knew was that my Uncle Jaay was gone. It took me a while to come to terms with his suicide. Eventually, I realized I wanted to honor his death and do something to help others.

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The Power of Language-Take this Challenge

Everyday we use words to label strangers we pass on the street and people we have known our whole lives. These words are powerful. They can lift people up or to make folks feel less than, as if they are not part of society and not wanted. Take this challenge and help our community grow and move forward together.

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Feeling the Pressure to Grow Up Too Fast

I spent so much energy trying to fit in with my peers, struggling to keep up with the newest things. I was trying so hard to grow up. I realized I am only a kid for a few more years and then I am an adult forever.

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5 Ways to Get to Know You

Here are five tools I have used to slow down and reflect on who I am and where I am going. I promise that the more time you dedicate to learning about you the more you will see why you matter. See which work for you!

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Coming Out with Mental Illness

There is no perfect formula for coming out about mental illness. For most off us, it is a process, not an event. For me, it has been an incredibly empowering and humbling journey. Here is my story.

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5 Ways To Stress Less

Let’s face it: It’s impossible to relax or get a good nights sleep when you’re constantly running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Here are my ways to de-stress and enjoy life.

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Say Hello to the New You Matter Blogger Council

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline must have some really great karma, because we’ve found another group of talented and passionate young adults to share their stories about mental health and suicide prevention.

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10 Awesome Things About Life in Alaska

I grew up in Alaska and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Here are some things that make life in Alaska so awesome.

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