What To Do If You’re Concerned Someone May Be Struggling With An Eating Disorder

With 10 million men and 20 million women in the U.S. suffering from an eating disorder at some point in… read more

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When Life Takes You Through a Detour

April is Stress Awareness month! Which is perfect, because it’s also the season of decisions. Decision to accept or reject…. read more

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Defusing Distress: How You Can Help Someone in Need

Encountering someone who appears to be in emotional distress can be a frightening experience. You might not know how to… read more

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How To Find Your Calm: Part 2

In my last post, I discussed a few ways to identify what could be bringing you down. The next step… read more

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Communications 101: Getting what you need from your relationships

Throughout middle school and most of high school, I didn’t have any friends who I truly felt comfortable being myself… read more

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Feel Good Foods To Boost Your Mood

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ may be true after all. Food is quite simply fuel for the body… read more

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How To Tell A Secret Without Hurting Anyone

Secrets have a lot of power, and if you admit them, you literally strip all the power away out of… read more

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Smile! Science Says It Will Make You Feel Better

You’re having a bad day and make a stop at the supermarket. While rolling down an aisle and turning the… read more

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10 Songs That Will Help Lift You Up

Music means a lot to me and has played a very important role in my life for years. The biggest… read more

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How to Help: When a Friend Reaches Out

Introducing Becca, this week’s guest blogger. Becca is an employee at the MHA-NYC Communications Department helping out with Social Media… read more

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